Princess Fundome

$119 for 4 hr | $139 for 8 hr

Introduce Your Princess To Ours!

The "Princess Fundome" - Like the Fundome, this is a HUGE bounce house. The colors on this bouncer are best suited for your little princess. Make her next princess party a blast!

About this Unit:
Ages: 2+ years
Capacity: 1-10 participants, up to 150lbs. Max 1000lbs.
Measures: 16'L x 15'W x 14'H
Throughput: 150 participants per hour

Required for Setup:
Minimum space: 19'L x 17'W x 15'H.
Doorway/Pathway: At least 3ft wide.
Electrical outlet: 1 (Generators are required for Parks/Fields.)
Attendant(s): 1 (not included)
Surface: Cannot be set up on dirt, rocks, sand or within 10ft of pools.

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