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FOAM Party Information

On this page we will try to answer all the common questions we get regarding our Foam Party Rentals! If you dont find your question here, please call us at 619-721-4433 or send us a message with any other questions you may have.

Is Foam safe?
Yes! Our foam is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and will not irritate eyes, nose or mouth any more than normal water. This is the same foaming agent you find in your shampoo, bubble bath and toothpaste - without any additives. Though it is safe to eat, we do not recommend it - it tastes gross!

How does the Foam Machine work?
Our Foam machine uses a high power fan and injector to mix water, air and our foam solution to produce an incredible amount of tiny bubbles that stick to each other. The foam solution a food-safe surfactant blend that foams when it mixes with water and air.

Can you breathe under the Foam?
Absolutely! Since foam is mostly air, bubbles will pop around your nose and mouth as you inhale and exhale.

Is the Foam slippery?
Because our Foam is mostly water and air (no soaps or detergents), the surfaces will only be as slippery as water. Please, watch your step when walking through the foam to prevent slips and falls.

Will the Foam leave a big mess?
Our Foam expert will hose the area down prior to leaving unless you prefer to let the remaining foam dry out naturally. Our foam will not stain and any minimal residue can be hosed off with water.

What is a Foam Pit? Do I need one?
Foam Pits are great if you would like to contain the Foam Party into a smaller area, but we recommend not using one when possible to allow for a larger play area!

What surfaces can set up on?
We set up on grass, turf, asphalt, and concrete. Sorry, we do not set up on dirt, gravel, sand, rocks or bark of any kind (even if its temporarily covered).

Awesome! How can I book a Foam Party?
Book Online, Anytime by clicking here or call us and we'll be more than happy to reserve your Foam Party!