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Inflatable Soccer Game Rentals

Soccer Fever Game

$149 for 4 hrs | $189 for 8 hr | $10 ea additional hr


Do we call it soccer or football? Whatever you call it, this game is a blast! Players walk up and try to kick the ball past the goalie. This game features two lanes - each with several target holes worth between 10 -50 points. Think you could be the next Messi? This game is great for both left and right-handed kickers and does exceptionally well at carnivals, church festivals and school fundraisers.

Includes 5 soccer balls.

About this Unit:
Ages: 4+ years
Capacity: 1 participant per turn.
Measures: 15'L x 16'W x 12'H
Throughput: 60 participants per hour

Required for Setup:
Minimum space: 17'L x 18'W x 14'H.
Pathway to setup area: 3ft clear width minimum.
Electrical outlet(s): 1 - Generators are required for Park/Fields.
Supervising Adult: 1 - Company attendant(s) can be added for additional fee.
Surface: Cannot be set up on dirt, rocks, sand, bark or within 10ft of pools.

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