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Inflatable Wrecking Ball Game Rentals

8 Person Wrecking Ball

$499 for 4hr | $599 for 8hr | $20 each additioinal hr

Who will be the last person standing?

This awesome competitve inflatable starts with up to 8 challengers and a wrecking ball hanging in the center. Knock your opponents off their pedestal with the wrecking ball and become king of the hill! Great for team-building and competitive spirit events. Fun to play and even funner to watch!

About this Unit:
Ages: 4+ years - 42" minimum height
Capacity: 8 participants per turn, up to 200lbs ea. Max 1600lbs.
Measures: 30'L x 30'W x 16'H
Throughput: 160 participants per hour

Required for Setup:
Minimum space: 35'L x 35'W x 18'H.
Pathway to setup area: 4ft clear width minimum
Electrical outlet(s): 2 - Generators are required for Park/Fields.
Supervising Adult: 1 - Company attendant(s) can be added for an additional fee.
Surface: Cannot be set up on dirt, rocks, sand, bark or within 10ft of pools.

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