18ft Pirate Slide

$219 for 4 hr | $249 for 8 hr | $10 ea additional hr

Ahoy Matey, Slides Ahoy!

Your crew will go overboard for this awesome 18ft Pirate slide. This bright, colorful slide is designed to resemble a pirate ship with a mast complete with two flags, a prow on the front and waves, portholes and anchors all along the sides. The platform is encased in mesh for safety and has a red and white striped cover featuring a pirate skull and crossbones! Not just for Pirate themed events, this bright and colorful red-white-black-yellow-blue scheme is perfect for any party or event!

Looking for the Waterslide version of this slide? Check out our Pirate Waterslide!

About this Unit:
Ages: 4+ years
Capacity: 2 participants, up to 150lbs per person. Max 300lbs.
Measures: 28'L x 14'W x 18'H
Throughput: 240 participants per hour.

Required for Setup:
Minimum space: 30L x 16W x 20H.
Doorway/Pathway: At least 4ft wide.
Electrical outlet(s): 1 (Generator required for Park/Field setups.)
Attendant(s): 1 (Not included.)
Surface: Cannot be set up on dirt, rocks, sand or within 10ft of pools.

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